Posted by: sciliz | September 6, 2011


So all over my twitter and bloggyland people were chatting about a new website aimed a young girls called “Smart girls at the party”. I checked out some of the episodes, and this one on robots really got my attention. Now, I’m currently trying to learn some Java programming through a Stanford Engineering Everywhere  (SEE) course (CS106a). This has introduced me to the lovable (although frankly rather dim) karal the robot, who I find vaguely reminiscent of the Logo turtle of my childhood, except less tangible. SEE also has their intro to robotics course for the more hardcore.

While as a kid I did love Legos, I never really got into the robots (the relatively high cost of the kits was probably part of the issue). But there are a lot of Youtube videos for those looking for inspiration, and apparently you don’t even need a specialized kit. By far my favorite is the pancake robot.

And of course, no geeky post about robots is complete without an obligatory They Might Be Giants video (because of course, If robot Then TMBG)…


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